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Opening: Monday 18.6.2012
Duration: 18.6- 24.6.2012


Zootrope = a French word that defines one of the first machines created to produce the illusion of moving image through rapid, sequential movements of static images. The term is a conjunction of the Greek words “life” and “transition”. Another definition for zootrope, or zoetrope, as it is known in English, is “drastic change”.

ZOOTROPE constitutes an artists’ initiative that takes place in CAMP! Contemporary Art Meeting Point, Athens, and lasts for 7 days.

From Monday 18th to Sunday 24th of June, 2012, Greek and foreign contemporary artists and creatives groups will present their work regarding moving image during the exhibition that will be hosted on the first and the third floor of CAMP! and the parallel projects that will be taking place in the rest of the building.

ZΟΟTROPE will be a unique chance for the public to discover how an idea is implemented through video, animation, installations, character design and new media. The primary goal of this exhibition is to study the production stages of creating a moving image and visualizing a concept and to define the need for creative self-expression in a personal or team level. Additionally, during ZOOTROPE stereotypes concerning the birth of ideas as well as the position of the concept in the contemporary art scene will be reviewed. Finally, artists and visitors will attempt to give their own answer when asked what an idea actually is.

Curated by:
Maria Luca, Panos Xenakis and Kika Kyriakakou

An Otherperfectday, George Vavilousakis, Μaria Varela, Fotis Velentzas, Stavro Christo Vlachakis, Constantinos Demis, Dreyk The Pirate, George Drivas, Αntonis Zagoraios, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Cacao Rocks, Fotini Kapiris, Irini Karayiannopoulou, Babis Karalis, Pantelis Makkas, Asako Masunouchi, Monologue, Nomint, Designpark, Decoystudios, Dreamer, George Xanthos-Weirdink, Τolis Roussas, Spyros Paparoulias, Spiros Koudounas & Giorgos Ksesternos, Βarbara Stramska, GM Τouliatou, Dimitris Tsatsoulis & Photoharrie, Μatthias Fritsch, Αfroditi Psarra.

On Monday June 18th, at 21:00 Afroditi Psarra will present the interactive video performance “Red Dot”.

Zootrope page on will function as a 24/7 digital communication platform among friends, visitors and participant artists of the exhibition. See videos, drawings, images, links, websites and texts concerning the works featured and the artists and send your views, photographs, drawings or videos of the exhibition in order to be uploaded on

Competition for young creators

ZOOTROPE invites young video artists, directors and film, video, animation and digital image students to participate in the special screenings section that will be included in the second ZOOTROPE exhibition. For further inquiries visit ZOOTROPE festival at CAMP! and  from June 18th, 2012.

Starting date and time:
Monday 18 June

Gallery visiting hours:
Monday-Sunday 14:00-21:00